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Compare Stair Lifts

Straight Stair Lift

When looking for a simple, versatile solution, the straight stair lift is the right choice.

Straight stair lifts take a short time to install and are usually less expensive than curved stair lifts. Factors that determine the cost of straight stair lifts include the length of the track that needs to be installed and features on the straight stair lift such as remote controls or transporting features.

Remote controls on straight stair lifts can be used to send or call the stair lift to a different floor than it is on. Special attachments allow for a crate or bin to be affixed to the straight stair lift to allow you to send items up and down the stairs.

Before buying a straight stair lift, a stair lift guide will evaluate your home to determine if a straight stair lift can be installed. Sometimes straight staircases have obstructions at the top of the stairs that make it difficult to install a straight stair lift. It's very important to have a home evaluation before purchasing the straight stair lift so the stair lift can be custom fit to your staircase.